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Farm Management & Real Estate services offered throughout Illinois from our offices in Springfield and Jacksonville:

Springfield office:
Agrivest, Inc.
Suite 200 
400 Chatham Road
Springfield IL 62704
Ph. (217) 241-1101

Jacksonville office: Agrivest, Inc.
Suite 1
1715 W. Morton Ave.

Jacksonville IL 62650
Ph. (217) 479-8600


Why Farm Management?
Agrivest Farm Management

Your farm is more than an investment. It may be where you grew up, a prized family possession, or it may be a place to observe the wonders of nature. For whatever reason you own a farm, It needs professional care and attention.

That is where a professional farm manager from Agrivest, Inc. can help.

An Agrivest Manager can:

  • select a tenant
  • negotiate leases
  • market grain and livestock
  • pay bills and collect income
  • provide record keeping
  • prepare crop plans
  • make regular farm visits
  • analyze government programs
  • apply innovative cropping practices
  • insure proper care of improvements
  • provide adequate insurance
  • make you more net income
You're in Good Hands

Agrivest managers are committed to education. Agriculture has changed significantly over the past few years and the rate of change is accelerating. Agriculture is big business and needs to be treated accordingly.

To stay current, our managers attend numerous schools, seminars, as well as holding many in-house training sessions. All managers were raised on Midwest farms and hold a college degree in Agriculture. Our roots run deep in U.S. agriculture.

Does Management Pay?

Professional farm management pays in many different ways. Some are measured in dollars and some are measured in peace of mind. Following are some examples:

Financial Benefits:

  • lease analysis; recommending alternatives
  • greater discounts on inputs
  • reduced insurance premiums
  • improved market prices
  • more net income
Other Benefits:
  • peace of mind with a professional in charge
  • communications on a timely basis
  • regular financial reports
  • professionals who are current on new technology
  • backup; with many managers on staff
Yields on farms managed by Agrivest managers have consistently run above the county averages.

Average prices on grain sold has averaged in the top one-third of the market. Compare this to the fact that statistics indicate that two-thirds of the grain is sold in the bottom one-third of the market. Let the Agrivest Professionals work toward greater profit and peace of mind for you.

Is Management Worth It?

Fees can easily be recovered by the increased revenue from improved marketing and production and reduced input cost.

Agrivest KNOWS AG

The Agrivest professional staff consists of Accredited Farm Managers. In addition, all managers are licensed Illinois real estate brokers.

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Agrivest, Inc
Agrivest, Inc. - Springfield
400 Chatham Rd, Suite 200
Springfield, IL 62704-1458
Office: (217) 241-1101
Fax: (217) 241-1108
Agrivest, Inc. - Jacksonville
1715 W Morton Ave, Suite 1
Jacksonville, IL 62650
Office: (217) 479-8600
Fax: (217) 479-8604

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